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TransAsia Catering Services
Moon Festival Gift Set Package Design

Client: TransAsia Catering Services

Gaze Upon the Full Moon, Reflect the Yearning for Home

TransAsia Catering Services launched a Gift Set to celebrate the Moon Festival. We choose “Yi Si Jiao” as the design strategy to symbolize the mood of family union and return of traveling son. The forceful emotion is comparable only to the brightness of the moonlight on the day of Moon Festival. The main visual design on the cover is inspired by the gleaming waves in moonlights, the word “autumn” is integrated to the moon by the elegant column like window lattice and the reflected gleaming waves symbolize the enduring longing sentiment. The process of partial gold and white gilding adds value to the elegant totem and the main body, together with the sparse layout makes the gift giver dignified. In addition, between the box and its cover exposes the golden lining that accentuates the low-profile luxury along with the golden ribbon. The simple and refined exterior appearance is of exclusive modernity.

Approach: Product Naming / Package Strategy / Package Design / Package Structure / Printing Planning

Brand Planning
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