Project Description

Specialty Ready-to-Drink Coffee Series

Client: KING CAR

Vibrant, Dazzling Coffee Inspiration, Mr. Brown Single Origin Coffee

On the journey of exploring coffee flavors over the years, Mr. Brown has followed its professional and quality standards to provide Taiwanese consumers with a variety of coffee beverage choices. This time Mr. Brown introduces a Single Origin coffee series, which sources 100% Rainforest Alliance certified farm coffee beans from Brazil, and Ethiopian single origin coffee beans, to deliver exquisite single-origin tasting enjoyment to the Taiwanese market. As consumers savor the distinct characteristic and flavor of specialty coffee, they help quality coffee estates continue their sustainable operation. In regard to communicating through packaging design, to accentuate the product’s single-origin uniqueness, the ebg design team took an intuitive approach by presenting place of origin imagery in collage. Clever layout design facilitates ease of reading for product name and canister information. The passionate, yet reasonably generous visual proportioning brings out the exquisite quality of specialty coffee.

Approach: Package Strategy / Package Design / Printing Planning

Brand Planning
Brand Design
Package Design