Project Description

Brand Positioning and Identity Design


Tasty and healthy – it serves warm and ingenious cooking.

Ms. Mei is a renowned chef, dedicated to safe, healthy, tasty, and innovative Taiwan style cuisine. She presents the personal gourmet food brand “Enjoy Mei’s”. By using selected seasonal food, she uses simple cooking methods. Discarding superfluous seasoning, she re-presents the essence and original taste of Taiwan dishes. Together with her considerate recipe, she makes cooking simple and plain, warming people’s hearts.

Incessant therapeutic good taste.

The brand strategy of “Incessant therapeutic good taste” is used as brand positioning to communicate Ms. Mei’s hospitality, warm, and professional manner. It also presents unforgettable good taste to consumers.

A modern identification image that gives people a smile.

In the design of identification, Ms. Mei’s smile and personal image are displayed abstractly. Food holders and other elements are included ingeniously to form a modern identification image that gives people a big smile. Matching with round and neat modern standard fonts, the color makes people feel warm. It fully communicates Ms. Mei’s personality.

Approach: Brand Strategy / Brand Positioning / Identity Design / Brand Identity System

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Brand Design
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