Project Description

77 Chocolates
2019 Strawberry Season – 77 Nougat Chocolate Strawberry Flavor

Client: HUNYA

Cute and Romantic Sweet Confession

To support the Strawberry Season event in the CVS, Yogurt presented two exclusive products: “77 nougat chocolate pink strawberry” and “77 nougat chocolate strawberry.” In addition to attracting long-term fans of 77 nougat chocolate, it was also themed with love and romance to attract young females. The task of this project is to be close to young people, hoping to achieve the goal of creativity and topicality with the “interactive design” by interrelationship between these two items. Therefore, it was themed “confession.” Using a simple word puzzle game, consumers were encouraged to choose the sweet words for their love ones. “77 nougat chocolate pink strawberry” was themed with confession and query. Meanwhile, “77 nougat chocolate strawberry” was the answer and confession to the previous ones. The interactive design added much topicality on Valentine’s Day. About the layout design, streamlines were used to add the rich flavors of Nougat chocolate. The simple and stylistic design allowed the products attracting attention on the shelf.

Approach: Package Strategy / Package Design / Printing Planning

Brand Planning
Brand Design
Package Design