Project Description

77 Chocolate
Classic Original Flavor Nougat Chocolate

Client: HUNYA

A Classic gets a Refresh, Nostalgic Taste that gets Tastier as you Chew

Since the end of 2018, the classic snack “77 Nougat” began an all new product appeal communication that speaks to the 20 – 35 year old millennial age group, adopting the main communicative message “tastier as you chew”. In accordance to the new slogan, the classic packaging is also updated, in the hopes to achieve the greatest communicative effect. The ebg design team adapted the previous fading dot background into a cleaner, transitioning gradient, which brings forth a younger atmosphere. Through fine-tuning and adjustments to the details, the overall visual becomes more refined and concise.

Approach: Package Strategy / Package Design / Printing Planning

Brand Planning
Brand Design
Package Design