Project Description

良食究好 品牌識別 logo設計 名象作品良食究好 cis識別 形象設計 名象作品

Brand Positioning and Identity Design


Benign and safe, a sincere brand that insists on quality food sources.

Wonmi was a new brand founded by Nice Garden Industrial Co. Ltd. in 2012. Nice Garden Industrial Co. Ltd. started its career in producing animal feed additives. It hoped to play the role of integrator from animal feeds to the dinner table, to becoming the brand that presents safe and secure meat to consumers.

良食究好 品牌命名 識別手冊 名象作品

Sustaining and Common Good

With “safe and secure promoter of common good” as its brand positioning, it grasped the core advantages from the origin of production to the dinner table by introducing hi-tech management. Constructing the appeal of all-in-one practicality and safety, it forged the sustaining management ideals of “one heart and common good.”

餐飲業 良食究好 品牌設計 名象作品

Advocate a simple, sincere, and healthy dietary habit.

With a stable blue and embellished kai scripts, it presents the brand’s quality of simplicity and sincerity. The horizontal lines of the letter spacing guide the direction of reading. The outer frames and the curves at the bottom symbolize the land and the germinating grains, respectively. The evolution in the universe comes from the heaven and earth to communicate the profound implications of the brand with simple contours.

Approach: Brand Strategy / Brand Positioning / Brand Naming / Identity Design / Brand Identity System

Brand Planning
Brand Design
Package Design