Project Description

Scalp-care Shampoos Package Design


Discreet, Luxurious Salon Quality

Designed to effectively provide hair with “strength,” “oil-control,” “allergy relief,” and “nutrition,” SAHOLEA is a series of scalp-care shampoos made of caffeine, hops, verbena, and other herbal essences. Taking into consideration the trend of simple, natural design, the whole series was designed in a minimalistic style. In a simple font, the names of the major ingredientsare foregrounded at the center of the bottle, direct and to-the-point. The black-and-gold color theme, coupled with the use of hot foil stamping and heavy cardstock, elevates personal hygiene products to the level of professional salon hair-care.

Approach: Package Strategy / Package Design / Printing Planning

Brand Planning
Brand Design
Package Design