Project Description

Classic Ready-to-Drink Coffee Series

Client: KING CAR

Classic Coffee Gets a Polished Refresh

The classic 240ml ready-to-drink Mr. Brown coffee is the common memory of people in Taiwan. Mr. Brown, which grew alongside the Taiwanese people, decided to refresh the product line in 2019. While retaining the classic can shape, Mr. Brown seeks to enhance product appeal through partial improvements and adjustments, so this classic product will again catch the eyes of young people, while launching the line into the next era. In adjusting the visual proportions, the ebg design team grasps the products key advantage “100% Original Bean Extraction”, which serves as the core idea for this product refresh. The previous ribbon visual effect is now a more refined badge design, the namesake character Mr. Brown gets a design touchup, and the typography gets a redesign, altogether bringing about a more sophisticated Mr. Brown Coffee. Aside from the detailed elements, the ebg design team carefully selected the most suitable color for the diverse flavors, so as to preserve the product’s recognizability as the top priority, while creating a visual evolution that wows the consumers.

Approach: Package Strategy / Package Design / Printing Planning

Brand Planning
Brand Design
Package Design