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Kerenna Brand Positioning and Identity DesignKerenna Brand Positioning and Identity Design

Brand Positioning and Identity Design

Client: Kerenna

The professional brand specializes in improving the oral health of the general public.

Drawing upon experience and expertise from various backgrounds— such as cosmetics, medical care, and dental care—, an R&D breakthrough was finally made in 2012. A new brand —“Kerenna”— was established to better-meet consumer’s real everyday needs and expectations for dental whitening products. The brand seeks to provide consumers a “high performance, diverse, and convenient” new fashionable whitening experience.

Kerenna Brand Positioning and Identity Design

Retain the memory, and shows the clean and modern design.

To communicate Kerenna’s brand concept, we selected three different distribution channels—beauty agents, clinics, and cosmetic counters— to effectively, and accurately propagate Kerenna’s business concept—“Professional Tooth WHITENING” —“ both internally and externally. A comprehensive and coherent brand communication successfully conveyed the brand’s value to both the social environment and the mass market.

Kerenna Brand Positioning and Identity Design

Through clean, simple lines and curves, we present a boutique, fashionable brand image. We selected a composed, elegant purple hue to emphasize the medical background. To make the brand more memorable, we changed the orientation of the first letter “e”, and added a plus sign—which signifies the brand’s caring for the consumer’s teeth— inside of the letter “a”, further presenting the brand’s uniqueness and self-confidence. This distinctive design successfully gave Kerenna a presence on the market, where the brand sets a new standard in the teeth whitening industry.


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