Project Description

2019 All-New Cleaning and Maintenance Series

Client: watsons

Young and Simple, Product Packaging Redesign

“Guardian to Youthful Skin” is the mission of divinia, a care product specially designed for younger skin. For different skin types and needs, the brand launches six main series to meet all the skin care needs of young Taiwanese women. The biggest task in this package re-branding is to perfectly present the differences between the six main series, while enhancing divinia’s brand visibility as a whole. Therefore, visual inclusiveness is the greatest challenge to ebg’s design team in this project. The designers utilize large color blocks to differentiate between each product series, and various shapes and colors to intuitively reflect upon each series’ functional effect. In presenting the brand identity, the English text takes a departure from the previous vertical orientation, and adopts a new horizontal orientation for ease of reading, which serves as the definitive layout for future product line extensions. The overall visual is more young and simple, which fully conveys the brand’s core value.

Approach: Package Strategy / Package Design / Printing Planning

Brand Planning
Brand Design
Package Design