Project Description

Coffee Can Gift Set Package Design

Client: UCC

Showing Fine Taste in Gifting

With the growing trend of brewing coffee at home, COFFEE LOVER’s PLANET is tapping into consumers’ demand by offering the pressurized cans of coffee beans. The patented design cans may be purchased together with a pour-over brewer as a gift set. The gift design aims to provide consumers with a more delicate gift set that can deliver more exquisiteness.In terms of design, the luxurious yet low-profile gift set adheres to the brand’s boutique image. Specially-processed fine embossing, simple bronzed font, and oblique stripes on the packaging gives the product an elegant and graceful overall presentation. The classy gift box is an ideal choice of a gift.

Approach: Package Strategy / Package Design / Package Structure / Printing Planning

Brand Planning
Brand Design
Package Design