Project Description

MIROTEK Shared Packaging Box

Planning and Design of Product Packaging


MIROTEK is dedicated to the development of innovative AI educational products and improvement of children’s skills on senses, cognition, and thinking. By analyzing the target audience of the product, we came up with the concept of ”Not just toys, but future-crafting tools.” Therefore, we designed the packaging with a high-tech style, but also kept the cute and playful image on it. The inspiration for the image came from “octopus”. Octopus has 40 million receptors spread all over its 8 tentacles and that is the symbol of high intelligence. The packaging gives an atmosphere of liveliness and uses bright colors to balance the high-tech stiffness, so every child will feel exciting when opening the box!

Approach: packaging strategy / packaging design / printing plan

Brand Planning
Brand Design
Package Design