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ebg, Elite Branding Group, has over 3 decades of rich experience since its establishment in 1981, and an energetic team from diverse professional backgrounds. Through strategic thinking, we assist our clients identify their brand differentiation, and actualize it in an enhanced overall brand image. By guiding our clients through brand structuring, image design, and exhibition space planning, we create the most comprehensive brand integration service, helping brands present a more consistent visual identity and communication needs.

Branding Strategy

Comprehensive Brand Image Strategy

We have extensive branding and design experience in the field. We can understand market trends to provide comprehensive brand image services, through strategic thinking and diversified creativity. We don’t simply propose solutions to our clients: we gain an in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs, from the perspective of a strategic partner, and identify core communication differentiation in a competitive market, so that our clients can enter the market with a precise strategic positioning, thereby creating a brand image that speaks to more people together.