From being a supplier, it becomes a brand with innovative value.

Being a sticker printing supplier, it adopts a B2B and export trade with Euro-American countries as its major sales pattern. With the shifts of marketing and the continuous innovative thinking, it has changed into a B2C self-owned brand to develop higher brand value and visions.

It regards diversity and innovation as the foundation of its brand.

More and more sub-brands of the Long King Group expect to conduct brand reorganization to allow the brand framework be clearer and more concise. We position it with the idea of “All-around sticker innovator” to present the diversity of the brand and the idea of the continuous pursuit of innovation.

Demonstrate continuous expansive innovative thinking.

To allow the identification image to be more inclusive and international, we used the initial of LONG KING – LK as the element in designing the mark to retain the direct association of the brand. In the design of the mark, the letter L is wrapped in the letter K to symbolize the inclusiveness of the brand. The standard font design uses the letter N to simulate infinity to present innovative thinking and continuous extension, bringing out the magnificence and internationalization of the brand.
Approach: Brand Strategy / Brand Positioning / Identity Design / Brand Identity System